Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jill and the Bed

Just thought I'd fill you in on this little bit of information.... When we got Jack, we let both dogs (Miller and Jack) get on the bed, but because our bed is so high (we have it on those little posts/lifters), Jack couldn't get up there by himself. So, I put a couple boxes together, and taught him how to climb those like stairs. After almost 2 years, he's a PRO at running up onto the bed. He doesn't really use them to get down though, he's usually happy about getting down and kinda does a skydiver-jumping-out-of-a-plane jump onto the floor. (It's really funny to see him do this!)

When we got the baby, we wanted her to be able to get up on the bed whenever she wants to as well. WELL, whatever happened in her life before she came to live with us has got her very cautious and timid about certain things. This is one of them. She WILL NOT climb up on the bed using the "stairs". It's frustrating, because she acts almost scared to be picked up and put up there. She tucks her little tail between her legs, walks close to the ground, and usually heads for the space under the bed. However, once she's up there, she jumps around, "dances" (spins in circles), leaps over at Jack and on and on. She LOVES to be up on the bed (so long as Jordan or I is in the room with her).

At night, she likes to burrow down in under the blankets, and usually curls up by our calves or feet, and that's where she plans on staying for the night. And, if there is any movement around her, she gets MAD. She doesn't like the dogs moving around on the bed near her, or even Jordan or I moving our leg or adjusting at all. She's really funny about that.

Well, she did something really cute this past week. I was getting ready for bed, and since it was late, ALL of the dogs were crashed out in the living room. They all know the nighttime routine, so when I started getting ready, they all headed for the bedroom. Well, since Jill doesn't get up on the bed by herself, she had to wait until I was ready. She was really cute, she would walk down the hall to the bedrom, then walk back to the bathroom and peek in at me, and then repeat. When I was finally ready to go to bed, I walked to pick her up, and she did her little tail between the legs and crouching down thing, but this time when I picked her up, she kinda did a little 'jump' to help speed up the process. It was really cute. A couple of times since then, when she wants picked up (and knows I'm going to get her) she will wait in her little crouch, but she happily 'jumps' up in my hand. It's really cute.

Here's a pic of her from Monday night (the 27th) and went to sleep. She was so cute I had to take a pic. Well, of course the flash woke her up! I thought this was the cutest of the ones I took that night.


Meghan & Chase said...

oh that is such a cute picture of her sweet little face

The Despain Gang said...

So cute! What a little piece of personality that one has. To answer your question, I read during naps and after Boston's bedtime! :)

Meghan & Chase said...

Hey I tagged you and am supposed to leave you a comment to tell you