Friday, June 19, 2009

A View of My Own

For those of you who are just regular readers of my blog and not members of Swap Bot, here's a little info on (according to their website):

What is Swap-bot?
Do you like sending and receiving snail mail? Do you like writing letters, making crafts, or putting together fun packages? You should try swapping! Swap-bot is a online service that organizes group swaps and a community of creative individuals. Swap-bot takes the hassle out of participating in group swaps by organizing all of the participant information and doing all of the partner assignments. On Swap-bot, you can host swaps, join swaps, and chat with other swappers from all over the world. Give it a try!

So, I thought to myself, I LOVE getting things via snail mail that aren't bills, so why not up my chances of getting something good in the mail??? So, I've signed up, and while this isn't an actual snail mail swap, I still wanted to participate.

The swap I'm referring to is called "A View of My Own" were you take pictures from around your neighborhood and share them with your swap partners. I figured an email would be a little long, and I wanted to have my description right next to each photo, so naturally I thought my blog would be a good place to do it at. Hope you enjoy "my view"!

December 2007 brought with it an ice storm to Norman, Oklahoma. This is the first ice storm that Jordan and I have ever experienced! This is what the ice did to the trees in our backyard.

This sign cracks me up...It makes me wonder just how you're supposed to tell someone where you're at... "Meet me at the corner of Jones Avenue & Main Street & Abner E. Norman?....."

Oklahoma is the only place I've seen that has "Speed Humps". Everywhere else I've been they're called "Speed Bumps."

Norman has a couple different wall murals painted, so I thought I would take a pic of a couple.

This is one of my dogs, Jack, who REALLY did not want to be sitting here. He did very well though. He was happily running along, not a care in the world....

...that is until he realized there was a "person" in the ground. He got scared and ran over to me. (That's why he didn't want to be on the foot.) This is on the University of Oklahoma (OU) campus.

This is also on the OU campus, and no, it's in Oklahoma, not Europe. I told my husband that this probably isn't even a phone booth anymore, it's probably just used as a rain shelter now and then since so many people have a cell phone these days. I still thought it looked cool though.

Here is the performing arts builing on the OU Campus.

Here is a lone flower....

...on a wall of green.

This statue is in front of the Art Museum on the OU campus. While it looks sorta cool, it's really kinda creepy to me. Not during the day, but at night when the eyes glow BRIGHT RED. I thought it would be better served on the Boise State University campus rather than the OU campus since Boise State's mascot is a Bronco and OU's 'mascot' is the "sooner".

Here's a house(???) across from campus. I'm pretty sure it's a frat house, office, or something else other than a house though. If you look at the fence on the left, you can see just how tall the fence is.....

...a close up view shows that there is a DOOR in the fence. Yes, the fence is THAT high...there is a standard-sized door in the fence for access!!!

Norman has a "table" near the railroad tracks/downtown that has a model of the old town on it. I thought it was pretty cool. (BTW, we just live about a mile OFF the table to the right/East.)

Apparently James Garner was born in Norman, or was from Norman, or something to that effect. I'm not really sure. I DO know that they're pretty proud of him though. This statue is downtown. Standing next to it, I probably come up to his knee, maybe a little higher (I'm 5'6").

This is someone that I KNOW is from Norman! This is me and Christian Kane back in December at "Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill".

This is where I spend 40 hours a week. (Then, I typically go home and at least several nights a week I dream about being here. It's exhausting!!)

This lamp is in a window of a second-story building downtown. It cracked me up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I know I've been kinda AWOL lately, and my posts have become sporadic at best... Just thought I'd let you know that once again, summer is here! You already knew that? What's the big deal?? Well, the big deal is, in the Accounting world, that means that the clock has coordinated with the sun in my little world to make the working hours of the day triple and the fun hours of the day decrease. (My days start to feel really long is what I'm getting at.) There's less to do, so that means there's more time....for blogging? Possibly. You might start seeing more of me.

Unthankfully (just kidding!!!) THANKFULLY my sister-in-law Stacie introduced me to Google Reader (which has made my blog world SO much easier) so I don't just follow what three or four people are doing these days. I've been bitten by the crafty bug, and am curious to death about what other people are doing....which means that I'm now officially following 60 blogs! And, there are several others that I don't follow, but check in on once in a while. So needless to say, the time I used to spend blogging, is now usually spent reading blogs!

Things have been a little hectic in my life the last couple of months, and I've had a couple really trying things come up that have put a strain on me. So, if you've missed me terribly and wondered if I died or something, don't worry, I'm here. I'm still truckin on, wading my way through life's muck, trying to make sense of things and what not.

I do want to say a big THANK YOU for the support of my friends and family who have been there to support me during these last couple of trials (you know who you are), and for those of you who don't know what's up, don't worry. I'll probably be doing some back-posting since I pretty much use this space as my "journal". I want to be able to keep a good record of the actual dates that things happened.