Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A "New" Tagged

In this tag you go to your fourth picture folder, choose the fourth picture, and talk about it. This one is fun to talk about. (I'm at work, so this will turn out differently than it would if I was at home...)

Yeah, I'm one of those people that have personal pictures on their work computers. So SUE me!!! Anyhoo, this one is of my sweet hubby Jordan (of course). I think we were going to go somewhere and he went to go get one of the babies off the bed (and they have a tendency to roll over onto their backs so we can pet their bellies) so he went over and couldn't resist giving a belly rub. I feel bad for all of you who never actually get to see the sweet side of our babies, because they really are VERY sweet and loving. It's amazing to me sometimes just how sweet they are. They both LOVE to give 'loves' and attention and they just want to be with us whether we're playing or just sitting there. And, they are FIERCELY protective of us. It's a nice feeling to be loved that much.

Anyhoo, my sister-in-law Meghan decided to tag me, so I'ma tag Stacie, Amy, Nykki, Tifani, Melissa Boggs, Melissa Despain, Linsey, Ruby, and Chelsea.

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Meghan & Chase said...

We know they are so , not to mention CUTE