Saturday, April 11, 2009

Attention Girlie Mommies!!!

Here's a cute blog that is having a grand opening giveaway drawing (well, actually two)! Clever Clips makes hair clips and headbands for little girls/infants/toddlers, and she's having a giveaway (one for clips and one for a headband). Go to her blog page here before April 16th to see all her cute stuff and enter her contest!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm Feelin Crafty....

Okay, so I've discovered a bunch of cute little crafty blogs, and I'm HOOKED! I found one blog in particular (Christy Nelson's blog) where she has a monthly craft challenge that you can participate in. Well, I thought, for $5, why not? If I don't like what I come up with, no big deal. I probably would've spent more on supplies if I went out and decided to get "crafty" on a whim and just bought a bunch of stuff. So, I've signed up for the challenge, paid my $5 for supplies (shipping included) and I'm anxiously awaiting my supplies to come in the mail. Please know though, if I can't really come up with anything cute or clever, I won't be posting my results. :) I'm sure SOMETHING will come to mind though, especially since I've been perusing all sorts of fun and crafty blogs. I've got a part of my brain that's SCREAMING at me to get crafty, and with all the sewing, stamping, scrapbooking, cooking and just all around useful tips I'm getting from these blogs, I'm JUST about to jump in with both feet and try it. (After April 15th, that is.)

Anyhoo, I'm planning to add some links to the blogs I frequently read, and hopefully you might find something there that inspires you too! Let me know!!!