Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ah, Wednesday

As we are getting closer and closer to the October 15th tax deadline, things have been getting busier at work. In spurts. So, that means that there are times that I'm sitting there wondering what to work on next, and then there are times when I have a lobby full of people, multiple phone lines ringing, the fax going off in the background, some co-worker waiting on me for something, a FULL BLADDER, etc. etc. etc. It definitely swings back and forth between busy and dead. At least it will all balance out a week from now.

For now, I'm sick. I have been since last Friday. Well, that's when I admitted I was getting sick. Jordan got REALLY sick last Tuesday night (that's when he picked it up) and it really started to seriously manifest last Wednesday. Wednesday he was sick (coughing, etc.) and had a high enough fever that he made an appointment at the doctor's office for the next day, and he spent part of Wednesday night at home in a cold bath trying to bring down his 103 degree fever. -Needless to say, he missed his classes last Wednesday. Well, we finally got the fever to break, but he's still been feeling crummy. My symptoms didn't manifest the same as his though. No fever for me. Sore throat for me, none for him. Cough for him, none for me. Swollen glands=both of us. Tired=both of us. Slept most of the weekend=both of us. My main thing right now is being achy and stuffed up. I can hardly breathe, and when I do, I make funny noises, which is also making me sound funny too. And not in the funny ha ha way either. My throat is still sore, and with achy glands, I would prefer to just stay at home in bed all day. BUT, being this close to tax deadline, everyone at work has their function, and if one person is gone, it puts a lot of extra onto one (or more) people. I really don't want to put that on anyone in addition to their normal jobs, but I'm seriously debating it every morning when I wake up. I feel like scum. Scum that's been walked on and squished. I'm pretty sure I look like that too.

Perhaps my next post won't be so whiney. We can all hope, right?

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Nycole said...

Awww, hope you're feeling better Ash. Being sick and having to work is the WORST. Take some Zinc, and drink a gallon of water today =)