Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

So this year Jordan and I are doing the "12 Days of Christmas" for a family here in town, and I need some suggestions. I want to keep the $$ low, so homemade or cheap ideas would be great. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis The Season For Sharing...PLEASE STOP IT!!!!

Now, before you get all mad at me...keep reading! I HATE HATE HATE reading blogs that are ALWAYS complaining and whining etc. and so I don't like to write negative blogs, AND, if the complaining etc. continues long, you should know that I probably don't read your blogs anymore. Once in a while I will skim them for USEFUL information that I want to know, like a GOOD thing that's happened or a major life event. Outside of that, I've stopped reading. Anyhoo, here's my "negative" thoughts, and after this one, I won't post any for a while. I Promise.

It seems that the holiday season and cold & flu season come hand in hand, skipping happily along in the cold weather to our doorsteps, and this year is no exception! We found out this past Monday (the 8th) that Jordan has bronchitis and walking pneumonia. I'm quite certain that it didn't arrive in a little wrapped package from Santa, so that means that someone SHARED it with him. He's having trouble getting enough air to breathe, he was up all night hacking away, and all in all, he's miserable. I started to feel a little icky on Tuesday, and now, I think I've developed into a cold with a touch of a cough. -Nothing anywhere near what Jordan has. BUT, if your sick, please use antibacterial hand gel and/or wash, disinfect door handles etc. cough into a SLEEVE and not a hand, and just be aware of the things that you're doing that could spread the sickness buggies.

I appreciate the opportunity once again to have that reminder of how I take for granted being able to breathe clearly and freely, and once again, I'm very appreciative of the times I'm well. Point taken, I'll remember!! Now, please buggies, move on to the trash can and STAY there, away from my friends and family.

And, I'll try not to share anything this year!!! :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I just wanted to say that I'm SO sorry things didn't work out. I really wish they did.

Friday, December 5, 2008

An Evening With Christian Kane!!

For those of you who were not aware (and I’m not exactly sure who you would be out there, because I think by this point you are all aware) I’m a fan of Christian Kane. If you’re not sure who he is, check out his webpage for more information ( or his MySpace page ( Well, Christian Kane is actually from Norman, Oklahoma (where I’m currently living). He is also starring in a new television series called Leverage that will be aired on TNT. AND, not only is Christian an actor, he is a musician as well. (I discovered his band back in 2005, and promptly went online and purchased both cds that he had available as well as 2 band t-shirts.)

Anyhoo, to promote Leverage, there was a screening in Oklahoma City on Monday the 1st. Christian came to town to promote the show, but also did an acoustic show at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill (which is a bar and grill, just as the name of it says…) right before the screening. I was lucky enough to be chosen for 2 seats to the screening, and so Jordan and I decided to make a date of it.

I took the whole day off work and Jordan and I spent it at the house with the fur kids, just getting things done that we needed to, and just relaxing. When it got closer to “show time” we got around and headed into the city. We decided that since we were going to be at a restaurant (and since we’d probably be getting home later than a decent dinner hour would allow) we would just eat dinner there. The food was good, but I should know better than to expect to have a GREAT chicken Caesar salad at a country bar/grill. The chicken was really good, but the dressing is NO WHERE near as good as my sister-in-law Allissa makes. Jordan had the prime rib, which was delicious (he said), but I just couldn’t bring myself to taste since it was a lovely shade pink. (I need my meat to be somewhere between WELL done and burned to a crisp.)

The show was very laid back and casual, and it was an intimate enough setting that it was just all in all fun. Sad for me to admit, I’ve gotten old enough that I can no longer sit in a huge room full of screaming people (who are crowding each other, stinking up my airspace, and just plain old being rude to one another) with music that feels like it’s loud enough to pop my ear drums. In the words of my friend Shannon, “Oy.” I’m kinda afraid to ‘see’ what I’m going to be like in 10 years when it comes to concerts. I’ve grown comfortable in the thought of just sitting in a nice comfortable temperature-controlled (BY ME) room while I listen to music at the volume that I’ve chosen, by myself, or with people I have chosen to be there with me. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to meet some of the performers out there, but thinking back to all of the concerts that I’ve attended in the past, I was able to get two autographs, but never actually “meet” the artists. AND, those autographs looked like scribbled circles that I got while standing on the other side of a four foot high safety fence/wall thing that blocked off a pathway for them to go from the stage to their tour buses and back. (And, also having to pay anywhere from 3-6 times the price of a cd just so I can enjoy all that!!) All in all, it was nothing really too exciting in retrospect.

But, on Monday Christian played for about an hour, which included my favorite one of his songs “More Than I Deserve”. Afterwards I decided to use the restroom before we headed over to the theater. While I was washing, I noticed the other two women in the restroom were also two other ladies that were at the concert. One of the ladies (the blonde) had a REALLY nice camera and was taking pictures during the whole show, and the other lady (the brunette) was at a big table with a bunch of people who were taking some snapshots here and there during the show. Well, the brunette turned to me and asked where I’d gotten my shirt (I was wearing my Kane shirt) and how I heard of him. I explained how I first heard of the band…Jordan and I used to watch the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which also starred David Boreanaz (who now plays on the Fox tv show Bones). Well, after season three, David got his own spinoff called Angel. Christian Kane played an attorney on that series by the name of Lindsey McDonald. And it was while we were hooked on the 5 seasons of Angel, Jordan discovered that Christian had a band by the name of Kane, and time passes on…here were are today. Anyhoo, the brunette asked the blonde lady if she was with a promo company or something like that, and she replied that “everybody has a hobby, this is mine: concert photography”. (At this point, I’m still star-struck at the fact that I had actually been that close to him, and that I might actually get to meet him, and so I don’t bother asking the brunette how she’s heard of him…which I might add is a dumb move for anyone because 1) it’s rude not to reciprocate the question and 2) you never know what they might end up telling you that could be useful or really interesting.

We all decided it was a great show, and went on our merry way. When I came out, Christian was being interviewed for the news so I kept my distance and waited for Jordan and basically just kinda stood around like a dope hoping to get to meet him and maybe get a picture… After a couple minutes pass by, he’s done with the interview and goes over to talk to the people that were sitting at the big table (which included the brunette)… And guess what? If I hadn’t been so star-struck and rude, I would have found out that the brunette I was having the conversation with was HIS SISTER!!! Geez Louise…

Anyhoo, I stood around for a couple minutes and he talked to a couple people that went up to him, and then I got close enough that he walked over to Jordan and I and told us thanks for coming out to the show and stood for a picture with me. He then asked us if we were going to be over at the premier and when we said yes he told us that he had to get going, but that he would see us there.

Here’s the pic Jordan took of me with Christian Kane

When we went over to the theater, the guy from TNT (Eric) that was there getting everything all set up didn’t really seem to know what all was going on. In the email I got from Brand X Management (Christian’s band manager) I was told that my name would be on the guestlist. And, since I have a really smart husband who told me to print out the email and bring it with me, I was able to show him when he didn’t have my name on the list. After he read it, he points to the second row and says that we can sit in that row. We decided that the 4th seat in from the end was a good spot and sat down. Shortly thereafter another couple came in the theater and talked with TNT Eric, to which he pointed over by Jordan and I and they came up and sat down. (Two names were drawn for tickets, mine and the wife of that couple, Michelle.) We kinda chit-chatted for a little bit while we were waiting for the show to start (and immediately had a bond because we were both wearing our Kane t-shirts). After a little while I glanced over at the sign that was taped to the chair next to me, which said “Reserved Seating, Christian Kane”. Of course I about had a heart attack, but then realized it was the rest of that entire row, as well as the row in front of us. Well, his parents and some friends ended up sitting in the same row, and he sat in the row in front of us, about 6 seats down.

The show itself was really good, although the theater people seemed to have a few issues, like not getting the lights dimmed enough before they started the show, and then also the first approximate 20 minutes of the show the screen was really dark. Christian had them stop it and made them adjust it because he said that the Director would be “really pissed if he saw that they were showing it like this”. It was kinda funny, but a TON easier to see after that. All in all, it was a great show (at least I thought). Afterwards there was a kind of informal Q & A, and one lady mentioned that she really liked it, and that it kinda seemed like a modern day A-Team. Not ever having watched the A-Team, I don’t know that I could agree, but it WAS good. Since I don’t have cable/dish/etc. I will be watching the episodes via streaming on the internet. If you do have cable/dish/etc. I recommend at least watching the first episode, if you don’t want to watch any others. It was entertaining, and at the screening there were even a couple kids there, I think one of the boys was somewhere between 7 and 9 that loved it. During the Q&A both boys (who were with different groups) actually participated in the Q&A and got to talk to Christian. The age range of the audience was from those boys clear up to a grandmother that stood up and her question was “Will you sign my shirt?” It was cool. Everyone there really enjoyed it. After the Q&A we went right outside that theater into the hall where he signed Leverage photos and posters and even took pics with fans there too. That’s where I got the pic of Jordan and I with him.

Here’s Jordan, me and Christian Kane

I’m still debating if I should send out that as our 2008 Christmas card, or if I should go with something a little more traditional… he he he…

Sorry for the long post, but as Jordan (and my co-workers who have had to hear all about it) will attest, for me this was just like Christmas eve for an 8 year old. I was REALLY excited about it, and I’m THRILLED that I got to meet Christian and get photos with him. He was really laid back and down to earth. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you’re just plain old jealous!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I know it’s a little late, but I figured you might want to hear about our Thanksgiving anyways… This year was a pretty good holiday for us. One of the best things about it for me was that I wasn’t half frozen all day like I was last year!!! This year Jordan and I spent the holiday with Jordan’s brother Chase and his wife Meghan and their daughter (we did this last year too, but this year we went to their house instead). Meghan and I talked with our husbands and made a plan of she and Chase they would make and what we would make and decided we would eat at 4:00.

Last year Jordan got an idea from a cooking show to use oranges and lemons on the bird, and it turned out really good. He looked up the actual recipe on the internet this year (which included a recipe for gravy with the drippings) and made the bird that way. We bought an 18 ½ pound bird so that we would have leftovers, and it cooked most of the day. Jordan and I brought (in addition to the turkey and gravy) a sweet potato casserole (thanks Chase for the GREAT recipe), two kinds of stuffing, corn, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce and beverages. Chase and Meghan provided two different kinds of mashed potatoes (they were both very close to heaven), rolls, green beans (the good kind with the bacon in it), a veggie tray, homemade chocolate dipped pretzels, a homemade pecan pie, homemade cookie dough cheesecake and homemade pumpkin rolls.

Jordan and I showed up late (just like we normally do), but Chase and Meghan are forgiving…

We all ate (including Miss Kate) until we were stuffed and then we headed to the living room to stretch out and watch a movie (Open Season) and then we got desert and watched the last part of The Incredibles on tv and then watched an episode of The Office that came on after The Incredibles got over with. After the shows were over we packed up and headed home. It was a good day, and it was nice to be able to spend it with family. (Even if it was just a little bit of the family instead of the gobs and gobs of family back home!) Hope you like our spread…we were convinced we could’ve fed 20….

Jordan's BEAUTIFUL Turkey

Jordan's BEAUTIFUL Turkey Again

Here's Our Thanksgiving Spread

My eggs... I had to make them since I couldn't eat my grandmother's eggs!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keyboard Silence...

So, I'm not really sure what happened...but.... I had such a blogging fire for quite a while there. And lately, it seems my blogging keyboard is quite silent. I've lately been feeling like nothing much is going on. Either nothing really of much note to share, nothing I WANT to share, or nothing YOU would want to read. In case you weren't aware, I have depression. It's hereditary in my family. I got that lucky gene. Woo Hoo for me... I only mention this because it seems that it's always in the winter. I mostly just get tired, which I'm sure is mostly due to the darker hours of the day.

HOWEVER... I do want to say that I TRULY enjoy reading all of your blogs, and hope that all of you all keep your keyboards clicking away. I actually do have several posts started, as well as several in my head that will be posted as soon as I get "creative" and post them since I like my posts to not be boring and monotonous.

Well, here it is, 9:40 p.m., I'm sitting here with cold feet (as is the norm in the winter) thinking I should probably make something for dinner so that Jordan has something to eat when he gets home (Hastings has a midnight book release tonight, so... Jordan ended up being one of the lucky ones that "gets" to work tonight...they called him in...he wasn't even scheduled). And yeah, I know that I need to not eat this late and then go to bed. I KNOW, I KNOW, I KNOW. I've heard it. I believe it. In case you weren't aware, "Dinner" is a bane in my existence.....

Well, till next time...