Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Free Apron? Count ME In!

If you want to be entered into a drwaing for a really cute new apron, check out Epicurean Style's blog page. She's got some really cute aprons on there, and who knows, you might be the lucky duck to get one! Happy Blogging and Thanks Katie for the heads up!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

As some of you might know, my birthday was on Monday the 17th. I had a pretty good day overall I would say. I did have to go to work (wish I could've just stayed in bed and then played all day) but I did get to leave work a little early, so that was nice.

I got phone calls and cards/presents from family and friends (they started coming on Sunday and they're still continuing even today) and lots of well wishes. It was nice to be thought of on my birthday (and afterwards, obviously).

On my birthday Jordan and I met Chase, Meghan and Kate at Red Robin for dinner (my choice... I love going there for my birthday...) Anyhoo, it was nice being able to have dinner (at an actual sit-down restaurant, which J and I hardly ever do) and be in such good company. Kate was really cute, and she kept offering her bear to Jordan to give "loves" to. She even tried handing her bear to the waitress as she walked by. (She's really into giving her stuffed animals "loves" lately. It's really sweet.) She also accomplished drinking out of a straw. She did end up wearing a lot of water too, but still. She was pretty enthralled too when the waitress and a couple waiters came over with a sundae and sang me a birthday song while clapping. It was cute.

Anyhoo, after that we all went back to Chase & Meghan's where we had carrot cake (I also LOVE carrot cake) and ice cream and just visited for a little while (in between my birthday phone calls that is). Here are a couple pics from Monday.

Here is a picture of the flowers that Jordan brought me. He arranged it himself and put in some really beautiful red & gold roses along with a really pretty pink in between my favorite flower... two calla lillies.

Here's a little closer up view of them.

My mom also sent me some flowers too.

And here's a close up view of them.

Here's my cheeseball self at Red Robin.

Here's me with my birthday cake!

I shared some frosting with Kate... She was a little wound-up at this point and was having trouble keeping her balance. (Especially with the bear.)

Here she is just cruisin around with her bear.

Drinking from a straw at Red Robin.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blog Commenting

Just in case you're wondering, as far as my third quarter goal of commenting on all of the blogs I read, I've succeeded...except for one blog that the author had disabled comments.

However, sometimes I get behind in reading, and when I'm trying to catch up on all you guys are doing, I often feel OBLIGATED to comment, and I really dislike that feeling. I want to comment just because I WANT to.

So, just thought I'd let you know that I will no longer be commenting just so I meet my goal. If you get a blog comment from me, it's because I wanted to, and I had something to say about it. No more obligations. And yeah, I plan on catching up on reading all of your blog posts at least by the end of this weekend! :) Have a great one everybody!