Thursday, October 23, 2008

Me Again

So I know it's been a week since I posted, but I've been busy. Not that I could really give a list of things I've been doing cuz I can't really think of anything, but I swear I HAVE been busy. -Ever have days (or weeks) like that? When you KNOW that you've done stuff, but if someone asks, you're left standing there going, ", I did SOMETHING.... I know I did...." I'm at that point.

So really, I don't have a lot to say that is an interesting update on what we've been up to. Work, school, home...that pretty much sums up the life of Jordan and I.

As for the kids, they're still happily truckin on. They have their daily routine, and they don't really like to deviate from that. When we're gone during the day, they are all in their kennels (each dog has their own so that they have their "own" space) and even though they all have toys and chew bones, I know they spend quite a bit of time napping. So, when a Saturday or Sunday rolls around, and there is a lull in our physical activities (like when we sit down and play a game), a couple minutes later, if you look around our house, it looks like a war zone with 4 sleeping dogs laying around everywhere. (It's a little house....) It's kinda funny.


Meghan & Chase said...

I know what you mean! I feel like in between Kate's naps and feedings all I do is run errands because there's so much to do....I say to myself "my life CAN'T be THAT complicated, can it???"

The Despain Gang said...

I totally know what you mean now because I just spent 10+ days with Rosie dog and it was exactly like that. One minute the house is all cleaned up then Jer comes home from work, Boston wakes up from his nap, Rosie wakes up from hers and the house is a disaster in less than .3 minutes. Amazing how that happens. I can only imagine if it was a smaller house with more dogs what that would amount to. :)