Thursday, October 16, 2008

My "Vent" This Week

I'm a complainer. Anyone who knows me, knows this to be true. Today I feel like just shooting off a quick little complaint, and then I'll feel better. My pet peeve for this week? Music players on websites!!! I LOVE them. I do. Honestly. BUT................................I LOVE them more when they don't start up automatically!!!! A lot of my "reading time" for blogs is done in my down time at work (shhhh....) and so those that automatically start up DRIVE ME COMPLETELY NUTS!!!!! Especially if it's a LOUD or annoying song!!!

Okay, I'm done. Thanks for indulging me!!


Meghan & Chase said...

so this is your way of telling us you don't like our (bloggers with playlists) playlists. Well, to tell you the truth, they annoy me sometimes too- I find myself quickly scrolling down to pause my own, BUT I want to share my good music and figure everyone can pause it if they don't want to listen to it- so I know it still is annoying (for me to) to have to scroll down and pause but music is a way I express myself and I want to share. I actually figure most people pause it, but my hope is once in a while when someone might be in a position to listen- the words or music might touch them like they have me. My songs are part of my life and it's a way of me letting people in to who I am.

The Despain Gang said...

Yeah I've heard that pet peeve before and it is kind of one of my own. I use to have an auto playlist on my blog but I had to change it because it was driving me nuts. Every time I checked my blog it started up and sometimes Boston would be napping--until the song started and then he wasn't napping. To say the least, I don't think you're alone in this frustration. :)

Weideman said...

there a simple solution, mute your computer before you start checking blogs :)