Monday, December 15, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

So this year Jordan and I are doing the "12 Days of Christmas" for a family here in town, and I need some suggestions. I want to keep the $$ low, so homemade or cheap ideas would be great. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!!


Meghan & Chase said...

How cool of you guys. Ummm maybe some homemade bracelets/keychains? I could help. Journals are always good. Maybe markers, stickers, stuff for the kids to take to school. I'll think some more.

The Despain Gang said...

Sugar cookies, candles, etc.

If you're not a baker, like me, I bought some pretty cheap cookies by the dozen at a bakery and they're all decorated and stuff--one dozen was like $5-6. Candles I find at TJ Max along with soaps and lotion combos that are also super cheap. A Christmas photo frame is also easy, cheap and simple. Good luck, I'm not the best at this and probably way too late for much help.