Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

I know it’s a little late, but I figured you might want to hear about our Thanksgiving anyways… This year was a pretty good holiday for us. One of the best things about it for me was that I wasn’t half frozen all day like I was last year!!! This year Jordan and I spent the holiday with Jordan’s brother Chase and his wife Meghan and their daughter (we did this last year too, but this year we went to their house instead). Meghan and I talked with our husbands and made a plan of she and Chase they would make and what we would make and decided we would eat at 4:00.

Last year Jordan got an idea from a cooking show to use oranges and lemons on the bird, and it turned out really good. He looked up the actual recipe on the internet this year (which included a recipe for gravy with the drippings) and made the bird that way. We bought an 18 ½ pound bird so that we would have leftovers, and it cooked most of the day. Jordan and I brought (in addition to the turkey and gravy) a sweet potato casserole (thanks Chase for the GREAT recipe), two kinds of stuffing, corn, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce and beverages. Chase and Meghan provided two different kinds of mashed potatoes (they were both very close to heaven), rolls, green beans (the good kind with the bacon in it), a veggie tray, homemade chocolate dipped pretzels, a homemade pecan pie, homemade cookie dough cheesecake and homemade pumpkin rolls.

Jordan and I showed up late (just like we normally do), but Chase and Meghan are forgiving…

We all ate (including Miss Kate) until we were stuffed and then we headed to the living room to stretch out and watch a movie (Open Season) and then we got desert and watched the last part of The Incredibles on tv and then watched an episode of The Office that came on after The Incredibles got over with. After the shows were over we packed up and headed home. It was a good day, and it was nice to be able to spend it with family. (Even if it was just a little bit of the family instead of the gobs and gobs of family back home!) Hope you like our spread…we were convinced we could’ve fed 20….

Jordan's BEAUTIFUL Turkey

Jordan's BEAUTIFUL Turkey Again

Here's Our Thanksgiving Spread

My eggs... I had to make them since I couldn't eat my grandmother's eggs!


Nycole said...

Wow, I'm starving. Looks incredible.

The Despain Gang said...

WOW; that all looks yummy. I'm hungry!