Friday, December 12, 2008

'Tis The Season For Sharing...PLEASE STOP IT!!!!

Now, before you get all mad at me...keep reading! I HATE HATE HATE reading blogs that are ALWAYS complaining and whining etc. and so I don't like to write negative blogs, AND, if the complaining etc. continues long, you should know that I probably don't read your blogs anymore. Once in a while I will skim them for USEFUL information that I want to know, like a GOOD thing that's happened or a major life event. Outside of that, I've stopped reading. Anyhoo, here's my "negative" thoughts, and after this one, I won't post any for a while. I Promise.

It seems that the holiday season and cold & flu season come hand in hand, skipping happily along in the cold weather to our doorsteps, and this year is no exception! We found out this past Monday (the 8th) that Jordan has bronchitis and walking pneumonia. I'm quite certain that it didn't arrive in a little wrapped package from Santa, so that means that someone SHARED it with him. He's having trouble getting enough air to breathe, he was up all night hacking away, and all in all, he's miserable. I started to feel a little icky on Tuesday, and now, I think I've developed into a cold with a touch of a cough. -Nothing anywhere near what Jordan has. BUT, if your sick, please use antibacterial hand gel and/or wash, disinfect door handles etc. cough into a SLEEVE and not a hand, and just be aware of the things that you're doing that could spread the sickness buggies.

I appreciate the opportunity once again to have that reminder of how I take for granted being able to breathe clearly and freely, and once again, I'm very appreciative of the times I'm well. Point taken, I'll remember!! Now, please buggies, move on to the trash can and STAY there, away from my friends and family.

And, I'll try not to share anything this year!!! :)


Meghan & Chase said...

Tell Jordan not to be mad about me getting him sick- I assure you I wash my hands lots etc...but even so, it won't kill all bugs. I understand infection control from my thorough training of it in my profession- so PLEASE don't be upset with me if you think it's my fault. remember- whoever we "get sick from" didn't ask for it either and surely doesn't want others to be miserable. I hope Jordan feels better! We need to make those pretzels- if you feel well this afternoon come on over. I love you Ash

Ashlea said...

We aren't mad at you! We decided that it was probably from the enormous amount of people (and kiddos) that he comes in contact with at Hastings. We aren't mad at all. :) I promise!!

The Despain Gang said...

Oh I hate being sick. Sorry for the whole experience. I agree, everyone stop sharing the germs!

Anonymous said...

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