Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Who loves ya?

It was the first thing that came to my mind when I went to post this morning. I guess I could say that our 'kiddo's love us. We dote on them like children, and like children, it hurts to see them hurting.

When I went home for lunch yesterday, Edddie came in to eat (as is his norm) and I noticed he had a puncture wound on his head, some scratches and a scratch/gouge down through his ear. Obviously there was blood. Not a lot, but still. So, as I'm texting Jordan in one hand trying to see when he's going to be done with work, I'm on the house phone on hold with the vet to see if I could bring him in. Well, after figuring out when Jordan would be done, and scheduling an appointment for Eddie, we were all set. Miller lately has had what we thought was pinkeye, so we'd been giving him some medicated eye drops, but we thought we should probably take him in too. Afterall, it's about time for his yearly shots too. And ya know what? I think it might be time for Molly's booster shots too. Well, come to think of it, it's time for Jack's shots too. And Jill has only had her first set of shots and she's due for another set (including her rabies shot) too. SO.... we talked with the vet's office and got it all scheduled...

We hauled Eddie in to the vet clinic in a kennel, I carried Jack and Jill, and Jordan rangled Miller and Molly. Needless to say, it was an ordeal!!! We did have to wait 30-45 minutes PAST our appointment time because they were going to take everyone in the same room and they wanted to 'clear out a room' for us. (Jordan and I would've been fine to take them in in shifts in case you were wondering...)

So, we finally got them all back and seen, everyone got shots (all 5 of them), Eddie ended up with an antibiotic he has to have 2 times a day for 10-14 days (I can't remember) and Miller ended up having 'dirty ears' so we need to wash them out with a special solution and then put in another solution and leave that in there. -The vet told us that it's very common in labs to have dirty ears. (This was new to uss.) She also said that it looked like Miller had allergies, and to give him some benadryl and that should clear up his eyes and make him feel a ton better. Poor Jill when she got her shots, she was terrified. The first shot she did wonderfully with, but the second one she cried out and was hurt by it. Next was Jack's turn, and as everyone in the world probably knows by now, Jack is my BABY, and I knew I couldn't see him crying out from the shots so I handed him over and faced the wall. He did perfectly fine though.

After all was said and done and we were finally out of there, it had been over 2 hours, and we were all tired afterwards. So, we ran over to my work to get my stuff (at lunch I'd just grabbed my phone, wallet and keys) and then home. We took the kids out to potty, kenneled them up, washed up as best we could, changed clothes and then headed over to Chase & Meghan's to celebrate his birthday with presents, cake and ice cream. All in all, while it was a stressful day, it wasn't horrible.

And no, the events didn't stop there.

We went to bed around 10:30-11:00. In the middle of the night, Miller is the one who normally initiates Jordan or I getting up and letting everyone out to potty. Well, he decided to wake me up (as is regular, he's pretty much given up on waking up Jordan). It was only about 12:30 too. So, I got up and took out Miller, Molly and Jack, then we went back to bed and dreamland.

Unfortunately around 4:00-4:30, dreamland was shattered by Miller again. This time I woke up Jordan. He took out Miller, Molly and Jill this time. And Jill need to be carried because she's still a little unsure of everything. Well, I'm laying there in bed, and I hear a little cry, and I know it's from Jill. I lay there and wonder what's going on and did I just imagine it because I'm half asleep. So I lay there longer. Pretty soon Miller comes in and jumps up on the bed to his spot. Molly comes in and lays on the dog pillow/bed on the floor. Jack has been with me the whole time. -Where's Jordan and Jill I wonder??? Pretty soon the bathroom light turns on and the door closes, but no noises. I lay there for another minute and finally think to myself that something must be wrong. So I got up and went to the bathroom door and asked Jordan what was going on. He told me go go ahead and come in, and there he was just holding Jill. He told me that in Molly's excitement she had gotten between his legs as he was walking outside with Jill, he lost his balance and was starting to trip, so Jill jumped and landed hard (hence the cry). He was sitting with her to see if she was okay. Well, after we both examined her and were satisfied that it probably just scared her, we decided to go back to bed. And, since there's a plethora of mammals in our bed each night, we decided to turn on the light and fix the blankets. Near one of my pillows I noticed a little white thing. It kinda looked like a crinkled up piece of paper, but I picked it up and it was a baby tooth from Jill. Then Jordan went over to his side of the bed, and low and behold, he found one identical to the one I'd found. So, on top of shots and falling, she also lost some of her baby teeth all in one day. It was definitely an eventful day for her!

Here's a pic of one of her baby teeth.

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Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

WOW that is an eventful day for everyone, especially Mom, Dad, & Jill. I guess I didn't know that dogs lost their baby teeth just like their best human friends. How I didn't know that is beyond me, but good to know (since I believe some day we'll get a lab). Anyway, sorry to hear you had a unrestful night. I guess it just comes with the territory of being parents.