Sunday, June 8, 2008

May 13th...Again???

So, back on May 13th, we welcomed our sweet Molly into our family. Things have been going very well with her, her health, demeanor and personality have all improved. She's become fast friends with Miller & Jack, and has found her place in our home and hearts as well.

Well, since then, Molly plays with both of the boys, and it's all fun and games for the lot. Obviously Miller and Molly can play a lot more rough than Molly and Jack, and at times it's been hard for us to see Jack sitting on the sidelines desperately wanting to play with Miller & Molly, but knowing full well that he could get hurt in the process. Well, we've now remedied the situation.

Not only have Jordan and I been talking about getting a girl puppy, but we've been talking about getting a girl Lab and/or Chi. We've chosen the 'and'. Jordan found the sweet baby girl on Craigslist on Thursday. We emailed her mommy Misty and told her that we would love to add her to our family. After sending her the link to see our family and what we're about, she decided that we might not be serial killers and decided to give us a shot! he he he.... She sent us some pics of her, and much to our delight, she was EXACTLY what we were hoping for. We wanted a short-haired black and brown baby (or at least I did, I can't speak for Jordan on this one). Her name was Spinelli (because she's a spinner).

Well, Saturday (yesterday) we were able to drive into downtown OKC and pick her up. We talked with Misty and William for about an hour in the lobby of their building, and she seemed to be OK with us, but still nervous.

After getting her a new collar (to match the rest of the family), retractable leash, kennel, puppy food and toys, we brought her home. MUCH MUCH MUCH to our surprise and very much DELIGHT Jack has done AMAZINGLY at accepting her. He growled for about 4 seconds, and the rest of the time since then he's been keeping a close eye on her and trying to play with her. Unfortunately the times he's trying to play with her and the times she's trying to play with him haven't quite matched up yet, but hey, it's only been ONE day. It took Jack about a week and a half to get this okay with Molly. AND, what's really surprising to us about all this is not only the time frame in which he's warmed up to her, but the fact that she's a little dog too. -Whenever we take the kids to the dog park, Jack HATES (and I can't stress this enough) little dogs. So we've been really happy with his adjustment this weekend. And, since she's only 6 months old, she's still small, and very timid most of the time as well. She is warming up to the both of us, but seems still unsure about whether or not we're going to hit her when we're reaching to pet her. Misty (and I now too) think there's some sort of history of abuse (and from what Misty told us about where she came from originally, there was neglect too as she was kept in a kennel all day).

Anyhoo, we've named her Jill, but have mostly been calling her Jilly and Jilly Bean. She seems to be adjusting to the name well. Here are some pics of her (some from Misty, and some that we've taken of her).

At Misty's house lounging on the couch!

Another at Misty's house, with Goomba in the background.

"Are we friends?"

"You called me???"

"I'm so pretty!!"


Thiel OK said...

Congratulations! Jill is lucky to be with people who have so much love to share.

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Wow she's a very beautiful dog. Her coloring, features, and coat are really beautiful. I love the tan dots above each eye. They're perfect! She's perfect! Congrats! What great addition to the family?! I'm ready for a girl baby too--actually I'll take a girl or a boy at this point! ;)

wm said...

Those pictures are wonderful! Thank you guys for taking good care of her.