Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This Summer's Favorite Is.....

The swimming pool!!! On occasions when it's hot and we've taken the dogs to the dog park, Molly will go to the 'water bowl' and lay in the water that has overflowed (there's always an overflow). So we figured that she must like the water. Well, with it being so hot here in Oklahoma, we decided that we would fork over the $12 to Walmart and buy a plastic pool. We bought the little 5 foot pool and set it on the back patio (ie cement slab) and filled it with about 1 1/2-2 inches of water. Then we let the dogs out of their kennels and took them outside.

Molly immediately took to it, got right in, and got herself a drink of the cool water. She LOVES to be in the pool. She also LOVES to dig for the designs on the bottom of the pool too!

Miller wasn't sure about it, but Jordan put him in and once Miller saw he wasn't going to die, he decided to tolerate it. He doesn't get in and lay in it like Molly does, but he will get in occasionally. Mostly when we tell him to.

Jack was VERY unsure about it, so when we put him in it, he immediately jumped right out. He likes to get his front feet up on the side of the pool, but he doesn't like to get in.

Jill was also unsure about it, but did the peeking in thing like Jack, but she was a little braver than Jack, at least she acted like she might jump in.

This past Sunday was particularly hot, so I put my plastic patio chair in the pool and put my bare feet in the cold water. I figured that felt pretty good, so I sat there in the sun a while. Well, Jack (being the mama's boy he is) needed to see what I was doing, so he jumped in the pool long enough to be able to jump on my lap and see what was up. Since then I think he's jumped in once.

Miller gets in once in a while, but will not sit or lay down in it. Molly lays down in it all the time. Jill has actually started hopping in there on occasion too. Here are a couple pics of the girls in the pool!


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Molly and my inlaw's dog, Rosie, seem so much a like. Rosie too loves the water--any water. She'll jump in a pond if she sees one. I love the pic of Molly & Jill; both look so happy! By the way I don't think I've told you how cute I thought the names Jack & Jill are for the two little, similar dogs. Love it!

Meghan & Chase said...

That's the way to go