Friday, June 20, 2008

We Y!

Because the accounting firm I work for prepares the yearly audit for the Cleveland County YMCA, they are nice enough to purchase the firm members a membership to the Y. So, since I had a membership, I had them payroll deduct for Jordan's membership. It turned out to be a really great deal, plus we get 6 guest passes too! So Jordan and I go to the Y and work out, and often go swimming to get our cardio in when it's really hot.

Well, a couple weeks ago Chase & Meghan were our guests at the Y and they brought Kate for her first swim. It was really fun, and she was really cute too! She seemed like she was half duck the way she was kicking around and splashing the whole time. We all had fun, and Meghan was nice enough to take some pictures while we were there, including these two of Jordan and I.

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Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

You two are such a cute couple! I love indoor pools! ;)
PS: hate swiming suits; like pools