Thursday, May 15, 2008

We Are New Parents! Our adoption story and photos!

Ever since Jordan and I started dating seriously, then decided to get married, we’ve talked about how we wished our family would grow. One constant thing we’d talked about over the years, was getting a little girl. Knowing that we would have to have the help of others to obtain this goal, we took our time. We’ve had countless discussions about how exactly it would take place, and when the time would be right. How would we know? What challenges would we face? Would she come from a loving home? Would she love us? What would be the best age to get her at? Would she be a newborn? Would she be a couple years old? What sort of financial obligation would we taking upon ourselves? How much money would we have to put up front? Would we have the money when the situation was ‘right’? Where would she come from? Would it be far away? Would she be brought to us, or would we have to travel to get her? What would she look like? What would her personality be like? Would our ‘kids’ love and accept her once we brought her home?

Well, the time came last week. We found out that our little girl was ready to be placed with a loving family, but we were told up front that it might be a small challenge. She’d been ill lately, and had been to see her doctor who put her on i.v. fluids and medications. The illness had taken quite a toll on her small little body, and at just around 8 months old, she wasn’t necessarily underweight, but she wasn’t filled out as much as she should be. AND, she wasn’t completely over the illness. She would need additional care and much, much more love. She was abandoned without reason and left in the care of an acquaintance, who, having kids of their own, did not have the resources to her care for her the rest of her life the way she would need to be. It was decided that it was time to place her for adoption. Through several emails and a couple phone calls, we were told we could come pick her up on Tuesday (the 13th). After Jordan did what he could to prep the house for her and get the basic necessities that we would need, I got off work, picked him up, and off we went.

We drove about 45 minutes north and east (through a storm) to a town called Shawnee where her temporary home was. When we got there, she was very happy to see us. I think she knew she was heading for a better life. She was happy, with a great big smile on her face. She had beautiful brown eyes and dark hair. She has big feet, but she’ll grow into them and won’t be clumsy forever. We discussed names, and from the photo, then seeing her in person, we decided she looked like, and would be named Molly. After talking for a while with her caregiver, we were able to take her home. Jordan sat in the backseat with her, and you could tell she knew that he was her new daddy. It was all very sweet. She is very sweet. And, we’ve found that she brings a nice balance to our family, a balance that was missing. Miller was leery of her at first, but he’s warming up to her. It will take longer for Jack, as I’m sure he thinks this new baby is moving in on his mommy territory. As for the cats, it will take even longer. Here’s a few pictures of the newest member of our family.

We do not in any way feel like this is a burden, as we were able to adopt her out of a bad situation where she was neglected and eventually abandoned, crawling with fleas and full of worms. She will be given a loving home, and will be taken care of the rest of her life.

We encourage you all to open your hearts and homes (or just your pocketbook if you want, and if it’s possible) to help save these sweet babies who can’t ask for your help themselves. They rely on the goodness of loving people to provide them with the life they deserve to have. Here is a site where you can make a difference. Please visit the site as often as you can to feed the babies.

Much love to you all!


Shan said...

Awwww! What a lovely baby! She's gorgeous and she's such a lucky girl! Congrats to you and your growing family. And Danny thinks she's very cute too!!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

What a beautiful dog? Who and why would anyone abandon her? Some people need to go through what they do to others--grrrr. Anyway, I'm so glad for Molly; she's now in a very perfect home with a very loving and happy family! Seriously just a beautiful, beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

You seriously had me going!! I was honestly thinking you were getting a human baby! How many pets does this make for you guys? I am having a hard time with just one!!