Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Sweet Little Boy

This past Sunday afternoon Jordan and I deemed to be a lazy day at our house. We were both doing our respective things, me playing the Xbox 360 and he on the laptop when he started getting drowsy. So, Jordan decided to just kick the lazyboy back and take a nap. I on the other hand thought to myself, "if I take a nap, it'll be a waste of 4 hours" (YES, that's right, I nap for 4 HOURS). Anyhoo, so I grabbed my phone, camera and The South Beach diet book and headed out to the back patio. Of course when one of us goes outside, all the kids must follow! Well, my little Jack Jack decided that he needed to come see me on my lap, so I grabbed a quick pic of him.... (MY NEW FAVORITE!!!!) Hope you like!

I'll post more about Miller & Molly's afternoon later on, but I wanted to at least share this!

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Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

You're right. Excellent pic of JackJack. He's a very handsome fellow in this one!