Wednesday, May 28, 2008


If you're going to incorporate any 4 legged children into your family, it's very important to have enough TOYS. Yes, food is good. Water, a given. Blankets for all: Great idea. TOYS: MANDATORY!! Why, you might ask? So your dog (or other sweetie) has something of their very own to chew on. Not that it always helps, but it's a good start. This however, is proof that no matter how many toys you have, there are always STICKS. AND, everyone wants the same stick!

Miller does have a favorite toy though... Here's a couple pics of him with it:

This is the "Kick It!" stance

"If I poke it, will it bark?"

"I'll get you!"

"This is my ball!"

"I'm only sitting here for a few seconds, after that, I'm going to grab MY ball and run with it so you can't have it!!!"

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Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

I am a lover of labs because of their love of their TOYS! I love that they have specific toys they play with and others they ignore. Jeremy's parents own a yellow lab and she loves to play catch with her miniture soccer balls, yet she will only play with certain ones. Yellow is her favorite color. Some say labs can't see all colors, but I know Rosie can tell between her gold and yellow soccer ball. Go figure. My favorite pic is of Miller and Molly tugging on the same stick together. TOO CUTE!