Sunday, May 11, 2008

Details: Bird Caught By The Cat & Rescue/Donation

So, with the wam weather that has happened off and on lately, (mostly on though) we have a tendency to leave the blinds in the living room open. This gives us a clear view to the backyard. We also have a dog door that leads into the garage, and we leave the back door to the garage open so the dogs and cats can go in and out as they so choose.

Well, this particular Saturday, Jordan happened to be on the computer and I was playing an Xbox 360 game. I happened to be waiting for my game to load some new information and I glanced out the window. I saw Eddie (the orange tabby cat) out in the middle of the yard just laying there. It also looked like he had something laying in front of him. I wasn't sure just what it is because, let's face it, I'm getting older. I don't see as well anymore. I need corrective lenses. I was wearing them, but still, I don't see as well as I'd like. So I turned to Jordan and said, "What does Eddie have?" He looked, but wasn't sure as well. So, he put on his shoes and went out to investigate (as did the dogs--they like to help dad investigate EVERYTHING). I decided that it was for my own good that I don't go out there and investigate, but I did go to the window and lean a little closer. I could see that Eddie had something brown. And it looked like it was alive at some point. (It was at this time I reassured myself that it was indeed a VERY good thing that I didn't go outside to investigate closer.)

As Jordan got over there and went to pick it up, the brown lump moved. It didn't so much fly, but it did a kind of a little fly-hop thing. (By this time I was about to carve in stone my genius for staying inside...) Well, apparently it was a little bird that Eddie caught and injured, but didn't kill. Luckily. I hate that sort of stuff. I'm an animal lover. -I'm sure you know that by now. Anyways, Eddie injured a wing so the bird couldn't fly away, and we think the bird was 'playing dead' in order to save his/her life, which is probably what happened. Well, Jordan was able to pick it up and it perched on his finger, so he brought it to the window for me to see. It was then that I decided I'd take a picture of the poor little thing.

After my photo op, I called the 24 hour emergency vet clinic and they gave me a phone number to a wild animal care place. It's called the WildCare Foundation. What they do there is accept and treat any native wild animal, and when it's back to full health and can fend for itself again, they release it on protected (no hunting) ground for reintegration in nature. When I got them on the phone they told me that they accept animals from 9:00am-7:00pm, and since it was already almost 8:30pm, they would be happy to take it the next day. So, we (meaning mostly Jordan) made a little bird nest shaped area out of a hand towel, we put some of our birdseed on a little plate, put down a little plate of water, and put it in Miller's kennel for the night to await his new home the next day. We put him in the kennel because we didn't want him to hurt himself by trying to fly around.

Anyhoo, on Sunday we went out to the property and gave them the bird. They told us is was a Morning Dove (I had no was BROWN was the best description I could give them on the phone....). They said that it had lost some feathers on the wing and it probably would be okay because nothing felt broken. They also said that being that it's spring time, a lot more babies get abandoned by mom getting killed one way or another, so at that moment they had over 600 animals of all kinds that they were taking care of, 300 of which were babies. The facility runs solely off of donations, and they have a vet that donates his time to the facility to help as well. So, if you're wanting to know more about the facility, or how you can donate to this WONDERFUL cause, check out their website by clicking here.

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