Saturday, January 17, 2009

Missing?? (AND Chihuahua Puppies!!)

Okay, so I'm sure a few of you have wondered what has happened to Ashlea... If you weren't, oh well. :) Here's a quick update on me and mine.

In case you aren't a frequent reader of my blog and already know this, I'll just mention that Jordan's brother Chase (along with his wife Meghan and their daughter Kate) live out here in Norman, Oklahoma too. They are the closest family we have for xxxx miles. (I have no idea what it is...) Anyhoo, this year for Christmas, they decided to truck on up to Idaho to go see everyone, and we stayed here. While we missed having them here, and we missed the idea of not seeing everyone back home too, it was a nice Christmas for us this year. This is the FIRST year that we've been married that we didn't have anywhere to go. I think that it's a good way to spend our 6th Christmas. We were lazy and got up when we wanted to. We didn't have to rush off to see one family, stay for only a short little while, only to rush off to another, repeat and then rush off again to yet another! We stayed in and just enjoyed each other's company and played games. We were able to talk to our families though, so that was nice too.

Our New Year's eve was nothing too exciting for us either. Jordan had to work, so I stayed at home with the dogs and played on the Xbox 360. (At least I was safe and didn't have to be out on the roads with anyone who had been freaks me out!)

On January 4th, our little girl Chihuahua, Jill, went into labor, and ended up having her puppies early on Monday January 5th. Along with Jill and her puppies, we're also trying to get the house situated to welcome our next set of puppies that our girl Labrador, Molly should be having here VERY soon. Needless to say, we've been very preoccupied by our dogs lately. I have been taking pics like crazy of the Chihuahuas, and even a couple videos too. I created them their own blog too, and I will try to get all the pics posted here shortly. As for now, you can go there and read about the birth and at least see some of their first pics. Here's thier blog:

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Sethington said...

I was wondering what happened to you!! Congrats on the puppies I bet they are adorable.