Monday, January 19, 2009

Labrador Puppies: Day 0??

Miller and Molly welcomed their 4 puppies today! 2 girls and 2 boys! Congrats to them!

Jordan and I weren't exactly sure how many puppies to expect Molly to have. We did know one thing for sure though, we needed to make her a "birthing bed" before it was too late! On Saturday (the 17th) we went some second-hand stores and bought some extra sheets and blankets, and decided that we would put down our old futon mattress for her to lay on. We took her into the "kids room" (this is where all the kennels are) and showed her the bed, and layed down with her a couple times Saturday evening and Sunday so she would get used to laying on the bed, and hopefully figure out that it was HER spot. Well, it worked!

I went home for lunch like I normally do, and Jordan had the dogs outside (this helps me from being trampled as soon as I walk in the door). Jordan let the kids in, and I went into the bathroom to check on Jill's puppies. Well, there ended up being a poo mess I needed to clean up, so after getting the puppies cleaned up and their bed changed, I threw their towels and bedding into the washing machine. (All this time Jordan is getting ready to go to the gym since he didn't have to work.) Well, when it was time to go kennel the dogs so we could leave, we went into the kids room, and Molly was laying on her bed, and she'd started pushing out a puppy! She hadn't even made a sound or any sort of indication that it was happening!!! (Needless to say, Jordan DID NOT go to the gym!!! I however, DID have to go back to work!!)

Anyways, Jordan and I were able to be there and watch her give birth to her first puppy, a little brown and white girl. She did excellent, and instinct took over right away and she started cleaning the puppy. About 2 hours later, Molly gave birth to a little black and white boy. Another hour later, she gave birth to a little brown girl. (By this time it's around 4:00) She took very good care of her puppies, and no more puppies (or signs of puppies) came by the time I got home around 5:45. Molly did eat very vigorously though, and stayed with her puppies faithfully.

We made dinner and ate, and when we were getting ready to let the dogs go out to potty one more time before bed (this is around 10:00), I went into Molly's room, only to discover she had just given birth to another puppy! Her 4th (and final puppy) was a little brown boy. So, girl, boy, girl, boy. Both brown puppies have a tuft of white on their chest, just like their mommy does. Jordan thinks that Molly might actually be part Pointer too, because of the look of the first two puppies. What do you think???

Little Girl #1 (Puppy #1)

Little Boy#1 (Puppy #2)

Little Girl #2 (Puppy #3)

Little Boy #2 (Puppy #4)

We don't have names picked out for them yet, but we would welcome any suggestions! We were thinking about naming them something that starts with the letter "M", since both Mom and Dad are "M"s as well. Any suggestions???

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