Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two Peas In A Pod

Just thought I would make a quick post about my little 'peas'. Here's a pic of them waiting to pick up dad from work. They anxiously watch the door for him to come out, then they run back and forth between my lap (in the driver's seat) and the passenger seat, tails wagging like there's no tomorrow. They are SO excited when I ask them if we should "go get daddy!" All 4 dogs LOVE going for a car ride so much that if we're not sure if we're going to take one, we refer to it as a "C.R." until we're sure. After we say car ride they bounce (and run) around the house until the leashes are on and we're ready to go out the door. Most times we make them "Say Please" (speak) before we go out the door, so Jack just runs over to it, puts his front paws on the door so he's in a 'standing' position, and just speaks until we open the door. They are all so much fun.

Anyhoo, I thought this pic of 'waiting for dad' was really cute!

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The Despain Gang said...

Very cute! They really are two peas--great title--you're very good with your titles! I love their coloring together--perfect contrasts. Plus the whole story of going outside is so dogs and toddlers!