Monday, July 21, 2008

Dog Park Days

Since the dog park is separated into two parts that are fenced off from each other (one side is for dogs UNDER 30 pounds, the other for dogs OVER 30 pounds), I typically take the 'babies' to the small dog side while Jordan handles the big kids. I snapped a shot of each of my babies last time we went that I thought were cute.

Also, after we were headed home and everyone was thoroughly hot, Jill layed down in my lap with the A/C blowing on her and was just loving it. Here are some of those pics too. -Sorry they're mostly blurry...that's what happens when you're A: driving (I already know, I don't need the lecture....) and B: you're REALLY close to your subject!!! AND, she was being really cute, so there's lots!

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The Despain Gang said...

That was an understandment! She is hilariously and adorable at the same time! WOW! So funny and cute. Some of the pics are priceless. Great post!