Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Sister's Kids

The other day I got a card in the mail from my baby sister telling me all about what her kids are up to. It was really fun to hear about them growing up, but really hard on the same token because I haven't seen them in over a year. When we moved down here, her baby boy, Keegan was just over 2 weeks old, and Kali was just a few months shy of turning 2.

Well, now, a year later, I still miss them terribly, and my baby sister is cooking another genetically blessed bun in her cute little oven. (Seriously, when my sister is COMPLETELY pregnant and ready to pop, she only looks pregnant from the front or the's like she's hiding a basketball in her shirt cuz she doesn't seem to gain any weight anywhere else.... Don't worry, I'm packin the extra weight around for her).

Anyhoo, hopefully we will get a chance to see our family more often in the next (and coming) year(s). I sure do miss them. Here are two of the pics she sent of her kids.

Kali and Keegan (he fell down and bumped his lip, hence the "Elvis Lip" as my sister calls it.)

Here's Keegan playing ball in the park with his daddy. He is a spitting image of his daddy, but my sister thinks he looks more like her. She's totally wrong...that kid is ALL his daddy (but cuter...sorry Jeff)!


The Despain Gang said...

Oh yeah definitely looks like his daddy. WOW! Almost scary how much. Kali is so cute; her hair is so thick and beautifully framed around her face. Too cute; where is her blog?! If she lives in Parma, I guess I don't really need to ask because none of them there seem to have true high-speed internet. Anyway, thanks for sharing the update on your extended family; it's great to hear about them.

Meghan & Chase said...

They ARE adorable kids- I hope you get to see them....SOON (*wink*)