Monday, March 29, 2010


Just thought I would let you know... In case you like foaming hand soap, and you buy something like this (like we did)

...and you run out... If you send your husband to somewhere like Costco to buy more hand soap.... If he comes back with something like this.... (like my husband did)...
...there is still hope!!! Inspired by a friend's blog... I mixed two-parts regular soap with one-part water, tipped over the container a couple times, and it was ready to go. It works just like buying bottle of the foaming hand soap at the store. You can't tell the difference, I promise...


Nycole said...

Funny, Ash. Also, informative!

Cute post.

Roma said...

I like your style, makes me laugh :)
But i swear, must never let a man shop!

P.S. you seem experienced at this whole blog thing, i'm pretty new and was just wondering if you could tell me how terrible mine is. (Honestly, i won't be offended! )

I'll be reading yours from now on :) ... x