Saturday, September 27, 2008

What A NIGHT!!!! (Friday night that is.....)

If you're REALLY attentive and happened to notice what time I'm blogging this, you're probably wondering what in the world I'm doing up at this hour. And if you know me really well, you KNOW that I'm not a night owl. Well, there's a GOOD reason I'm up right now. I picked up Jordan from work around 1:30 and drove home (which takes about 10 minutes). Well, we turned on Barkley Street and noticed the headlights of a car coming towards us (no big deal, it happens all the time)...BUT...what's that sound? The horn constantly blaring? So, my first thought is a flashback to Lorne working in Boise and telling me how he rigged his boss's horn up to the brakes so that every time he touched the brakes the horn would go off. It was funny for about 1/2 a second, until I realized the guy was accelerating, and NOT stepping on his brakes. We continued on, then turned onto Barkley Circle. Well, horn guy turned and started following us. By this time, I started to wonder what in the world was going on, and was starting to worry a little bit. We kept watching him in the rear view mirror to make sure he wasn't following us ALL THE WAY home, but he pulled off to the side of the road and parked. I continued on and then we parked and went inside. We heard that the horn was still going, so Jordan grabbed a flashlight and a pair of pliers and headed out the door.

I took the dogs out back to potty and was out there 5 or so minutes and when I came in I looked for Jordan, but he wasn't there. He was still outside. I finally went into our bedroom to put away the laundry that we had on our bed, and while I was doing that Jordan finally came in and told me how the guy down the road REAKED of alcohol. When Jordan (and the neighbor) went over to figure out what was gong on, they noticed the front of the guys truck was smashed like he'd hit something, the guy was OBVIOUSLY intoxicated, and both airbags had deployed. The guy started to give them a line about how he'd just hit a curb and was just going to park his truck and go in his house (the one he parked in front of), which turned into a friend's house, and then might have just been a stranger.... Then the guy mentioned how his airbags had been deployed all night, and it wasn't a recent thing and on and on and on, and Jordan could tell the guy was full of crap and his story was constantly changing. The one constant that stayed the same, was the part about how he was supposed to graduate from OU in December and so he didn't need a DUI and if the cops came he would "have to run". Jordan mentioned that the cops WOULD find him since they would have two witnesses to what the guy looked like, what he was wearing and which direction he took off on foot (because he obviously couldn't drive). The guy kept saying that if Jordan called the cops JORDAN was going to get him in trouble and it was going to be JORDAN'S FAULT he got into trouble. Well, since the guy had obviously hit something other than a curb, and they had no idea if it was a car, house, a PERSON or just what, Jordan KNEW he had to call the police. Once the police showed up, that's when Jordan came into the house.

So, Jordan and I finish sorting and putting away the laundry while he filled me in on all of the details. By this time, we're pretty much awake, so Jordan decided to play a game on the Xbox 360, and I thought I would sit there and watch him for a little while (being the supportive wife that I am). Well, while we're sitting there, all is fine and normal, when all of a sudden, we hear what sounds like could have been something LARGE thrown at our living room windows, or something exploded, or ??????? We have no idea, but it was LOUD and it was VERY close by. So, my mind immediately goes to horn guy (Jordan and I were apparently thinking the same thing--we found this out later) and Jordan opens the blinds and says that there's something on FIRE outside. So we're both thinking that horn guy for some reason DID NOT go to jail, is ticked off, and is vandalizing the house and/or our possessions on the back patio. Well, we open the door and go out there to see a HUGE fire behind our back fence.

There was a pile of weeds/brush back there that someone had been cutting down the past month or so, and apparently someone lit it on fire. WAIT, it gets better. They decided that they really wanted it to start on fire, so they were lighting it with an AEROSOL can. Yes folks, that's how smart these college kids are around here at 3 am and beers have happened.

Of course they don't want to get in trouble, so they are out there hosing it down as fast as they can. Jordan went back to find out just what as going on, and I was trying to kennel the dogs so I could go see too. Well, after I finally get 3 in their kennels (Molly DID NOT want to be caught) I went out to the back and I hear a couple of neighbors yelling over their fences asking what in the world is going on, etc. Jerry (our next door neighbor) was out in his yard talking to Jordan and investigating as well, when he noticed a fire truck up front driving around looking for the fire. So Jerry and I ran up to the front and I shined my flashlight at the firemen (by the time I got there they were about 4 houses down talking to some people that had gathered outside). We told them the fire was behind our houses and the 2 firemen followed me into the backyard where Jordan filled them in on what he knew, and the guys went over our fence to see what the deal was. We heard the firemen asking the guy what was going on and the guy was of course downplaying it. The fireman asking the questions mentioned that SOMETHING was definitely going on, and it was more than just lighting some weeds because they were having calls coming in from a SIX BLOCK radius complaining about the explosion they heard.

At this point, Jordan and I figured that they didn't need us for anything else, and headed back inside. Of course, neither one of us were all that sleepy now, so Jordan started playing his game again, and I decided to share our wild night with YOU!!! Crazy Stuff people!!!


Meghan & Chase said...

Whoa, I'm so glad you guys are safe! I hope you have a good day today...sleeping!!!

JENN :) said...

Wow!! What a night!!! HAPPY SLEEPING :)