Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Christy's Craft Challenge: May

You may be saying to yourself, "May? What happened to April?" Well, I had a great idea and it looked really cute in my head. When I went to create that beautiful idea, the reality of it wasn't as great as my imagination, so...I never finished. I know, slacker. In my defense though, it's hard to be enthusiastic about making something when you've got all sorts of tax deadlines and pressures and stressers. I had a few pressures and stressers during April. I may finish it, I may not. Oh well. Christy's didn't turn out the way she wanted it to, and she blogged about it. That made me realize that I didn't have to succeed at it either. What I had to do, was not let it get me down, and not give up. So, that's what I did. I signed up for 3 months worth (I think??) of the Christy's Craft Challenge. I figured, why not? It'll give me an opportunity to create something, and if not, build up my rats nest, cuz after all..... I am from a family of Pack Rats!!! He he he....

Anyhoo, so Christy mailed out the May Craft Challenge packets, and luckily I didn't have to wait to get it in the mail to know what was in it because Christy blogged about it here. When I read the post though, I was both a little excited (what would I make???) and scared (would I FAIL again???). Oh well, it came, I've made something, and "win" or "lose" I've got something crafty out of it in the end!

So, here are the materials that Christy sent out.

For some reason (probably because it's small) I lost the green flower button. Oh well. The rules say that you have to use at least SOME of each item, but not all of them. So......flower paper, blue fabric squares, 2 green wires, 2 large artificial flowers and 4 flower buttons later...... you get (well, if you're me at least):




The reason I chose this project (which is sorta like an address book) is because I needed one! Jordan and I wanted a way to keep track of our movies (but you could also use the book for keeping track of your games, books, etc.) and so I made this. Now I can alphabetize my movies (on 3.5x5 index cards) and add more when I get more movies, or take some out if I give any away or sell any.

Now, the "win" or "lose" part. Well, everyone can vote on their favorite entry, and the person with the most votes will WIN. Win what? Well, a prize silly (a donated prize pack from one of Christy's sponsors)! And, Christy will also chose a second winner from those who blogged about it and that person will win a free month's craft challenge packet. So, if you like my little project, feel free to go to Christy's blog on the 28th or 29th (that's right, there are only 2 days you can vote) and vote for my project! Or, just go check it out, and if mine turns out to be really cheesy and someone else made something really cool (which will probably be the case because I'm new at this) feel free to vote for their project! I'll post a reminder on the 28th and 29th, just in case, so you don't forget to vote!!

So, based on my fun this past month (and I actually got Jordan's input and so it made it THAT much more fun), I'm definitely recommending this to everyone I know (and don't know too)! It's only $5 to partipate, and you can get all the details from Christy's site here.

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Christy said...

Great project and awesome post! I like that you made something that you will actually use.