Monday, August 11, 2008

Make Way For The Queen!!

While Jill may be tiny, she does assert herself and make her presence known around here. We feed the dogs in one big bowl (or individually when they have to be kenneled because we're going somewhere). The other night I filled the bowl, and Jill let it be known that SHE was going to eat first. And boy did she....well, she ate, but she also made a mess.... (I have quite a few Jill messes around my house at any given time actually.) Here's 'her highness' at work...

I also feel the need to point out all of the extra "junk" in my photos today.

I'm sure you noticed the blue crate. This is where we keep the going-for-a-walk backpack, the big bones, pig ears, treats, etc. The rug to the left would normally be in the kitchen, the bobypin in the bathroom, and the sock in the bedroom. They are all in the living room right now because my 'kids' felt it was a better place for them.... Anyways, the blue treatball and the blue thing with strings (it's actually 1/2 of a treat 'pill' that we got at PetSmart--you put the treat in and twist it together and it keeps them occupied until they get it open) and the basketball (one of Miller and Molly's favorite toys) are all mobile since they're toys.

But, I'm sure you noticed right off that Jill was digging through the food with her nose rooting around looking for a specific kind she wanted. (We changed dog food, so there's some of the old kind, some puppy food, and some adult food in the bowl. She picks out what she wants, which is typically the old food, then the puppy food.) But, what a MESS!!! Luckily my house comes with 4 built in hoovers that also hog the bed and make messes of other miscellaneous things that are able to clean it up. Every time it happens. Which is every time they eat. If it's not Jill's rooting that makes the mess, it's Miller trying to bury the food for later.

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The Despain Gang said...

Miller and Jill make me laugh. Cute for me; not so much for you probably with all the mess. :)