Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Zach Seat Photography

On February 21st my work (Gray, Blodgett & Company, PLLC) had a photographer come in and photograph staff members so we could update the company webpage. Zach Seat did a wonderful job with the photos, and I thought I would share the 3 he sent of me. (For more info about my work, visit the website here.)


Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

Wow! You've grown your hair out long again! It's so cute! Your nature curl is unbelievable! I love it! All three are really great photos. Life is pretty good--yesterday was our R.S. Enrichment that I was in charge of. I'm so glad it's over! :) -Melissa

Danielle said...

Hello Ashlea,
I try to check your blog often and our family website, although you may not know because this is the first time I've commented and as you well know am not good at keeping in touch with you and Jordan. I have been thinking about you guys often, and have been wondering how you are doing. I know I need to call and chat. I just hate talking on the phone, but know I need to talk to you both. I just wish we were nearer, so we could visit. I promise I will call soon. By the way your photos are beautiful! Jordan doesn't know how lucky he is to have you. Tell Jordan hello from us, and we will talk soon I promise. Take care. We love and miss you both. Danielle